Preventive Dentistry

We Want What You Want!  

Healthy teeth and gums, a better look, improved lifelong oral hygiene

Your teeth are so important - they need to function throughout your life and provide you with the confidence you deserve.

Introducing Preventive Dentistry...

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Gone are the days when tooth loss and dentures were an expected part of life. People now expect to keep their teeth for life, have a beautiful smile, be able to eat and prevent problems like tooth ache. Dentistry has evolved accordingly. Six month dental checkups and cleanings are necessary for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

We need to find out a lot about you and your teeth as it helps us do our work better. This approach provides the best for our patients - not just a quick fix but lifelong improved dental outcomes. As we say - prevention is better than cure, and long-term dental management feels a whole lot better than emergency repairs!

Regular check-ups and cleans are one of the best preventive dentistry techniques, we will be able to monitor your teeth and gums and make sure they are being maintained and cared for to the best of your and our ability.

Our dentists recommend periodic x-rays, every few years to check that everything under your gums is in good condition too.


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