Denture Stabilisation

Stabilization of loose dentures

There are a variety of reasons why people are unable to tolerate or wear traditional removable dentures

Lower Jaw

Losing your lower teeth can lead to bone loss if they are not replaced. If a substantial amount of bone loss occurs, the lower jaw bone may not be able to support a denture. Inserting implants into the lower jaw bone provides a solid foundation for a denture that otherwise a patient may not have been able to wear.

Upper Jaw

Some people may not be able to wear a traditional upper denture because of an oversensitive gag reflex. Having upper implants allows the size of the denture base to be reduced and made into an arch shape, rather than occupying the entire palate.

The advantages of having implant retained dentures are:

  • They are much more secure and comfortable than traditional removable dentures
  • You won’t even feel like you’re wearing dentures
  • Your ability to eat and speak will improve
  • Implants prevent the bone loss that occurs when you leave missing teeth, allowing your facial structure to be maintained
  • The lip support provided by implants will reduce the amount of wrinkles you get around your mouth


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