White Fillings

What are white fillings?

White (composite) fillings are a clear alternative to traditional amalgam fillings.  It’s no secret that a dental filling is often the most effective treatment for a cavity. However, you no longer have to settle for a noticeable silver amalgam restoration. Today, Dr Khan and many other dentists offer composite resin fillings, which can be custom-matched to the natural shade of your smile.

Learn More About Composite Fillings

If you have developed a cavity, a filling can strengthen your tooth and restore full functionality. Additionally, because Dr Khan will remove all bacteria before placing the restoration, the treatment can prevent further decay and infection. Composite resin is a durable mixture of plastic and glass. It comes in a diverse range of shades, and Dr Khan will choose one that blends naturally with your smile.

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The Advantages of Composite Resin

While metal fillings can strengthen your tooth and prevent further damage, modern composite resin offers a number of significant benefits for your health and appearance. The advantages include:

  • Cosmetics: Traditional metal fillings will often begin to show through patients’ teeth over time. In contrast, composite will never alter the colour of your smile.
  • Strength: Typically, composite will form a stronger bond with your tooth than metal. Therefore, it can more effectively repair your tooth.
  • Less invasive: To place a composite filling, much less dental material would be removed than if a metal restoration was being used.
  • Mercury free: Composite resin does not contain mercury, a toxic metal that has been linked to serious health conditions. Silver amalgam, on the other hand, contains high levels of mercury, which can leak from the filling and enter into your blood stream.

Are You a Candidate for a Composite Filling?

If you have a small to moderately sized cavity, and you are looking for a lifelike, durable restoration, you are likely a candidate for a composite filling.


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